Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hypnobabies LIVE online radio show!

I recorded an interview last week with Kerry Tuschhoff, founder of Hypnobabies, for her online radio show. It airs tomorrow, and again Saturday, and then will be archived online. This interview is more about my personal birthing history, what led me to choose a twin HBAC, and a little about natural twin birth. I'm recording another one in a few weeks (that will air July 11) that will address specific tips for improving outcomes in twin pregnancy and planning for a natural twin birth.

Anyway, here are the details about accessing it if anyone is interested, copied and pasted from the Hypnobabies newsletter:

Birthing Twins Naturally!

This week, Friday June 13th at 9 AM Pacific Time (and Sat. 6/14 at 1 PM Pacific Time) on Hypnobabies LIVE at we have Christy, mother of 5 children, including VBAC, homebirthed twins!

Our show this week is very important since many women having multiples are told that their babies will be premature and must be delivered by Cesarean section. Not true! Christy's babies were 7 lbs each and born vaginally, at home and were a VBAC. Christy very candidly shares all of her birth stories; very personal journeys of self-discovery and growth....

Please join us for this very special show, and please pass this information on.

Hypnobabies LIVE is on at 9 AM Pacific Time, (Noon Eastern Time) on (Link below also) It will be replayed the next day - Saturday at 1 PM (Pacific Time), and 4 PM (Eastern Time).

** If you are unable to tune in for the live show, each show will be ARCHIVED and retained at forseveral months. You will be able to access our Hypnobabies Live shows *at your convenience* and listen to our archived shows whenever you want. It will take a couple of days for each show to appear on the Archive list after it airs for the first time.

Here are some helpful hints about accessing the show:To hear our Hypnobabies LIVE show go to (click on the link below) To listen you will need Windows Media Player if you don't have it there is a link in the upper right hand corner of their homepage that will allow you to download a free version. If you are going to listen to the program live you simply click the "LIVE listen here" button in the upper right hand portion of the homepage.

Wait a few moments for the program to load and make sure your speaker volume on your computer is turned up. After a short wait you will hear the show. Depending on when you log in the show may already be in progress. If you want to listen to an archived version of any past "Hypnobabies LIVE" show you will need to click on "Show Archives". This will take you to a list of past shows and you can select which one you want to hear.

(Edited to add: A few episodes later, I did a follow up interview where I talked in greater detail about improving outcomes with twin pregnancy and birth.)