Thursday, February 08, 2007

Parenting Philosophies

Here are some sites the explain, support, or present research on some of the parenting philosophies we use in our own family management. We don't expect everyone to agree with us, but to respect our choices and to understand that they are well-thought out, well-researched, strongly-held, and not likely to be changed through argument. Whatever argument against one of these you may have, chances are we've heard it, considered it, and decided against it for whatever reason already.

General Parenting Philosophy Information:

Sears Family Parenting

About Breastfeeding, In Private and Public:

Watch Your Language: Breast is NOT Best!

Nursing in Public

Public Breastfeeding

La Leche League

Militant Breastfeeding Cult

About Co-Sleeping:

Attachment Parenting International Explains

Co-Sleeping Safety Study

Solitary or Shared Sleep: What's Safe?

Cosleeping is Twice as Safe

Not Designed to Sleep Alone

About Circumcision:

  1. It his body, and should be his choice.

  2. There is no medical or hygiene benefit to circumcision, despite popular misconceptions to the contrary.

  3. It's not any harder to keep clean.

  4. The foreskin serves a purpose and is not useless skin.

  5. If our boys one day decided to be circumcised, they can make that choice and have it done fairly easily. If we choose to have them circumcised without their consent and they were to one day want to restore, it would be a long and uncomfortable process (3 years or more), and would still not be exactly like an uncircumcised penis.

More Links:
Male Circumcision in the USA: A Human Rights Primer (This article has great information refuting generalizations from the recent study on AIDS transmission and circumcision in Africa.)

National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers

International Coalition for Genital Integrity

Circumcision Information and Resource Pages

About Homeschooling:

John Taylor Gatto: Challenging the Myths of Modern Schooling

Home Education Magazine: Homeschooling FAQ

About Family Size

We believe that the number of children a couple has is an intensely heartfelt and personal decision, and that it should be prayerfully considered. The reasons people have one, or many, children are very diverse and are often private matters between the couple and God. We believe that when people are attentive to God's direction in their lives in this matter, they will feel so led when the time is right for another child. While we aren't at all "quiverfull" (practicing no birth control whatsoever), we do believe in remaining open to God's decision to add another family member when God places is on your heart. We also believe that when you trust in Him and follow His guidance, he will provide for your needs, therefore we do not believe in waiting until the retirement fund is fully funded and a family is rich before having another child. Children are not nearly as expensive as are lifestyles.

See Lots of Kids

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Birth Research

Here are some of the research and articles we've found online that have influenced our birthing choices. Some of these are medical research articles about the safety of birth issues close to our hearts. Others are news, commentary, or opinion pieces that reflect our beliefs about birth as a normal, natural process. Of course, we've done a good bit of research that isn't available online as well, but wanted to share some of the online information that is available.

About Natural Childbirth:

Does the United States' Higher Rates of Intervention Lower Morbidity?


Gentle Birth

The Assault on Normal Birth by Henci Goer

About VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean):

Relative Risks of Uterine Rupture

Uterine Rupture in Pregnancy

The Integrity of Uterine Scars

Vaginal Births After Cesarean Decline


About Twin Birth:

Optimal Gestational Age for Twin Delivery

What is the Optimal Gestational Age for Twin Delivery

Bedrest in Hospitals for Multiple Pregnancies

Vaginal Birth Safe in Twin Pregnancies

New Theories Emerge on Nonvertex Twin Deliveries

Vaginal Birth with Second Twin Breech

About Twin VBAC:

Twin VBAC Not Associated with Increased Risk of Rupture

Twin VBAC Research Review

About Cesareans:

International Cesarean Awareness Network

Weigh Risks to Mother, Infant, When Planning Cesareans

3x More Babies Die in Elective Cesareans

About Homebirth and Freestanding Birthing Centers:

ACOG Opposes Safe Birthing Practices

Outcomes of Planned Home Births


Born in the USA: PBS Documentary About Birth (select browse videos, and choose Born in the USA)