Saturday, October 01, 2005

A New Buddy!

The Thinking Southerner has added yet another thinking southerner to its arsenal! Please welcome aboard Mick Ayres, one of my family's closest friends, and someone I've admired since I was a wee little tyke, when he first wowed me with pennywhistle performances, clawhammer banjo, and the most delightful tall tales that led me want to be just like him when I grew up.

Mick Ayres was born and raised in the deep South near Pawley's Island, South Carolina and has kept the Atlantic Ocean within arm's reach ever since.

Today Mick, his wife and two daughters live near Hilton Head Island where he entertains tourists with tall tales, a bit of fiddling and some serious tune-knocking on his banjo. He is a master at snoozing in a hammock with a glass of tea in hand...hasn't spilled a drop in years.

Of course, like every true southern gentleman, Mick is deeply concerned about the depletion of our nation's common-sense reserves.

Glad to have you, Mick!


Brave Eagle said...

Ohhhh I see so thats the dude who taught you to play the penny whistle with your nose

The Thinking Southerner said...

No, actually I got the pennywhistle up the nose idea from an old Stephen Banks comedy special from Showtime that I used to watch in high school. Mick actually taught me how to play it RIGHT!