Monday, December 12, 2005


So, the week o' madness continues. On a positive note, one of the week's events, scheduled for tomorrow night, has been cancelled. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... :-)

I promise there is a real post coming soon, but for now I have a request I want to put out there: I am interested in experimenting a bit with recording conversations in Skype, but don't know who in my circle uses Skype. So, if there is a friend or family member out there who uses Skype and would be willing at some point to schedule in a few minutes to tell jokes, recite standup routines, and talk about the weather (or whatever), I would LOVE YOU for it. Okay, so maybe not, but I would be very much appreciative. I just need to read up a few more things on recording Skype conversations, and then I'm good to go. If you're willing to participate in what could potentially turn out to be yet another brilliant pathetic display of technical genius ineptitude on my part, and you're willing to do so patiently and without deciding that I'm an idiot way past the point of being helped, comment or email and let me know and I'll give you my Skype ID. Unless you seem creepy. If you're creepy, I'm sure there are plenty of other creepy people out there who would be willing to talk to you; I'm just not one of them.

In other news, I am sleep deprived due to managing my time with the skills of a chimpanzee managing a financial portfolio. Spending an hour and a half last night trying to convince a hysterical 9 year old that the moon will not crash into the earth if he pulls his tooth did not do anything to reduce my under-eye puffiness.

Where, oh where, do my children get their tendency toward being melodramatic? TELL ME!! I must know.

I think it must be their father.

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