Thursday, December 08, 2005


If I were completely and totally insane, I would hatch a plan. In this plan, I would require that every single organization known to humanity would plan special events for 2 weeks straight-- school clubs, bands, scouts, camping programs, churches, children's programs, sports clubs, family get-togethers, and workplaces. (Did I miss anyone?) They would schedule so many activities, many of them purposefully planned for the exact same times, that any person or family who attempted to keep up and attend even 1/2 of the activities for the groups to which they belong would lose their minds.

As reality would have it, I am not completely and totally insane. Only mildly bizarre, hyper-sensitive, and generally kooky. So, the above is not my plan. However, it seems to be the plan of everyone else around me. Over the next 6 days, I have at least 16 hours worth of planned and structured activities in which I must take part. This is on top of the fact that I work a 40+ hour/week job (which is more than that this week due to year-end bookkeeping kinds of issues), teach music and band 6 hours per week, and try to occasionally make time to be a wife and mom. And I have to somehow fit in a bit more Christmas shopping to wrap that up before we leave (in 7 days) for a trip to Alabama. Time to be me-- just a woman enjoying some free time and a hobby or two? Bah, humbug. I'll be a woman later.

Mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen, for Thursday night, December 15 at 9 pm. That is when it will all be over, no more programs, school officially out, etc. And it is also likely to be the precise moment that I have a nervous breakdown. I can hold it in until then.

In other news, just when you think it's all sorting itself out, it's not. No tidiness, no wrapping up. Just the continual reopening of wounds that you just wish had never happened. I need to get used to the idea that this is my reality for the foreseeable future.

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