Sunday, December 04, 2005

Merry Christmas!

So, every year my family does 2 things that are a part of our silly Christmas antics. First, we put the camera on a tripod, set the timer, and go berserk for a while. We then pick a winner from the resulting goofy images, and it goes into all our Christmas cards. Second, we put together an iMovie greeting that usually is sufficient legal and documented proof that something mental surely runs in our family. Well, the video won't be done until next weekend, but we did do our pictures last night (so much more fun than going to a portrait studio), and we've got a few winners.

Winner of the "this one goes in the cards because we look the least moronic out of all the pictures" award:

Winner of the "yes, they are in fact the most beautiful children in the world" award:

Winner of the "yes, they also like to wrestle and torture each other" award:

I have a beautiful family. Can you tell I'm proud?

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