Sunday, December 18, 2005

History Podcast

Okay, so another of my favorite podcasts is the History Podcast with Jason Watts. And this should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, as I am a total history nerd. Not necessarily a knowledgeable history buff, but a passionate history nerd, nonetheless. Having contributed a podcast on Francis Marion once before, I can say that it was a blast, even though I got more email feedback about my accent than about the content of the podcast (you naughty little midwesterners!). Jason, whose dedication and consistency in putting out a great podcast that usually comes out a few times each week is rare and admirable, works hard to keep it coming, and definitely deserves a break every now and then. So, I decided I'd put that little 4 year degree in Religious Studies to work, and submit a podcast about the New Thought movement. Having focused on new religious movements in the United States in college, I figured it would be interesting, although I know religion is a touchy subject for some, and wasn't sure if Jason would be able to use it. Apparently, he liked it!

Check it out!

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