Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Good, The Bad, and The Very Very Ugly

Every now and then, things just come together to make for a day that leaves you not quite knowing how to feel. Some things are great, some are not great at all, and some are just bizarre; and when all is said and done, you aren't quite sure if you're tired or stressed or happy or slap-happy or just plain fried.

Here is a recap of my last 24 hours, categorized for your convenience.

The Good:
*The disco ball I ordered off of eBay last week came in earlier than expected! Woot! (Why a disco ball? Why not?)
*I got my first love note from one of my music students-- a 6 year old first grader who is the sweeeeeeeeeetest little munchkin in the world (other than my own kids, of course).
*I got ten more knives listed on eBay.

The Bad:
*After working a full day at my regular job, I rushed to church last night to teach a boy-band style hip hop routine to 14 boys (Yes-- me, in a room with 14 boys, chaos, madness, and all) for our church Christmas play.
*After teaching said rowdy boys, I went to teach Daisies, only to learn that all the girls but one were not there. And the one who was there-- let's just say she's one of those 20-kids-in-one kind of girls!
*My cell phone was stolen last night... AT MY CHURCH'S WEDNESDAY NIGHT SERVICE.
*I had to get wheel bearings on my car replaced today to the tune of $273.88. Hence the 10 new knives listed on eBay.

The Very Very Ugly:
*I got totally busted today at a stoplight rocking out to the Offspring. Which is not in and of itself a bad thing, except that I'm a 30 year old mother of 3 who drives a minivan. When I noticed that the lady in the SUV next to me was looking over at my mommymobile, watching me headbang most of my hair right out of my ponytail, I was suddenly very aware of the fact that I'm no longer the same age I was when that song first came out. I was suddenly unsure of how to feel about the fact that I'm 30 and gleefully listening to "Pretty Fly" by the Offspring-- wondering if perhaps I should listen to some Don Henley, or maybe a little Celine Dion. Not that I don't have any Don Henley or Celine Dion in my iTunes, but... The Offpsring? Shouldn't I have outgrown them by now? And if-- no matter how much I may have grown, matured, or settled-- I'm still going to totally dig The Offspring, Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock, and The Clash, then shouldn't I have the good sense to only dance about like a fool in the confines of my own home, when the kids aren't there, with the blinds closed?

I confessed my embarrassment over what a freak I must have seemed to my husband. "I must have looked like a total idiot," I said. "No," he said sweetly. "You just looked like every other 30 year-old minivan-driving mom looks rocking out to thrash while trapped in traffic." Thanks, dear.

I think I'm just going to hide somewhere for a while until my embarrassment subsides. Somewhere with a radio would be nice... and a disco ball.

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