Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sleep Positions and Twisty Spines

Found this at 4haks and thought it was interesting: Sleep Positions Indicate Personality Traits. None of them really describe me. I'm a sprawler. I generally start out laying on my side in the "foetus" position, and then roll over, throw one leg over my husband (who spends all night inching away from me to try to free himself), throw the other leg over the edge of the bed, squeeze my pillow up into a little ball in my arms, and then lay my head, face to either side, onto the bed (no pillow). I'll tell you what that makes me... A chiropractor's nightmare. Between the sprawled out sleeping positions, the occasional racquetball mishap, and sitting at a desk all day every day at work, I think my spine is taking on the shape of the Rockin' Rollercoaster at MGM Studios. I always worry during praise and worship at church that someone will mistake my back-cracking and neck-popping for some kind of awkward attempt at a naughty dance move. So, G. C. C. folks, if you're out there-- be aware: My gyrations are goal-oriented, not demon-inspired. :-) But anyway...

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