Sunday, November 20, 2005

A little sunlight peeking through...

I check my referrals from time to time, just to see who is reading my blog, where they're from, how they got here, and all that. I always find it amusing to see the kinds of internet searches that bring people to my site. In the last few weeks, people have found my site by searching the following terms:

sell + my + trackless + train

sleep + positions

truth + about + puppy + love

racquetball + mishap

confederate + flag

someone + learning + how + to + be + a + southerner

And this morning, the granddaddy of them all, the one that has shot a hysterical beam of sunshine into an otherwise gloomy day:

stubborn + people

Someone did a google search for "stubborn people" and ended up here! Buaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaa! My husband, who clearly finds this more amusing than anyone, is standing silently nearby while I type this-- a little too scared to say anything about it. He doesn't have to. I know.

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