Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Here's hoping that somehow (in the middle of all the madness of overeating, watching parades, and dealing with more family than should usually be gathered in one place at one time) you will remember how blessed you truly are, and be thankful.

I am thankful for:
*All God's blessings poured into my life and family;
*My husband, who is my soul mate, perfect match, best friend, confidante, and inspiration;
*My children, whose magic-filled laughter and courageous spirits never fail to amaze me;
*My parents and other family, who have put up with me for 30 years;
*My friends, who are a delightful and diverse bunch;
*All the online pals I've made in recent months, including those who (for some bizarre reason) take the time to read my rants, those whose rants I love to read, and those whose podcasts keep me going at work each day;
*My job, my church, and my children's school;
*The courage and dedication of my ancestors, some of whom helped build this amazing nation, some of whom came here for the hope that it offered, and many of whom served bravely to protect freedom.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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